Creation and us

-Eventually we’ll have to resolve the tension between believing our lives are insignificant relative to the universe and believing that the universe itself is meaningless, and so without significance.

-In one sense, there is nothing depressing or even interesting in saying that the universe doesn’t care about us. Who has ever been depressed because the weather doesn’t care about him? Sure, I’m sad that the rain killed my bonfire, but it’s not as if something let me down.

-That God creates by his word:

a.) The work of the hands or of the reproductive organs continues existing after the act that brings it forth, but the work of the mouth does not.

b.) Speech is the act of reason (logos) in the breath (spirit).

c.) The fiat is the expression we use both to call something forth and to leave it to itself.

d.) Speech requires time in a way no other art does: even more than music. Meaning is impossible without the verb consignifying time.

e.) If the world is not spoken by another, it is only projected by us. All is subconscious mental paint, brushed over reality/ the abyss.

f.) Who creates: God, the Spirit on the waters, or the word?

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