The Feast of the Assumption and the Blessings of Marriage

In a few short days Catholics around the world will be celebrating the Feast of the Assumption – the day that honors our Blessed Mother being assumed, body and soul into heaven so that she could be crowned the Queen of heaven. It has long been one of my favorite feasts and I have loved OLA for as long as I can remember. My grandmother died on August 19th, 1995 and I remember taking great comfort praying to Our Lady on this feast day, asking her to accompany my grandmother on the final leg of her journey, and then feeling her presence with my grandmother on her final day. So ten years ago, when my husband proposed to me, I knew I wanted to be married on this feast day.  A few (not-so) short months later we were married! It was a Monday, which turns out is quite a lot cheaper for most wedding expenses! We were married at the Mission San Buenaventura in Ventura, California; our parish priest drove up to say the wedding and friends of my husband provided the music for the Mass – we had violins as well as acapella songs: they sounded like heaven. Our reception was at a friend’s-mother’s beach house (she told me that when James and I got married we could have our reception at her house if we wanted, even before we were engaged).  My friends catered the meal, my new cousin and brother-in-law grilled the meat for us (chicken and tri-tip!), and my mom made the wedding cake (there was a lot of chocolate involved).  A dear friend DJ’d the wedding from his iPod. It was beautiful and perfect and surrounded by love: True, sacrificial, life-affirming love.

So here’s to Our Lady of the Assumption and sacramental marriage!

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