Day light hours – another mom post

A few weeks ago a visiting priest gave a homily lamenting two of modernity’s great gifts: electricity and air conditioning. The first, he noted, allowed man to work beyond the natural limits of the day light, and the second allowed him to work, all day, every day, without interruption. But man needs rest, rest which used to be dictated by the natural rhythms of the days and seasons. He was encouraging us to take more time out to rest and pray. “If you don’t have time to pray, you better not have time to eat,” he said.

I was reminded of this at 1:48 AM as I climbed into bed, after “getting into a cleaning groove.” With my hubby away I knew *I* would be on duty with the kiddos bright and early.  What, exactly, was I thinking when I kept the lights on into the wee hours so I could clean when I should have been sleeping??


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