Products of Conception – a mom post

Hubby is at the cabin, so he asked me to post…

Between the PP videos that have been released over the past few weeks and the Republican primary debates taking place, the internet is full of euphemisms about abortion again.  So I wanted to share a ‪#‎truth‬: the “product of conception” doing all sorts of flips and kicks and punches and stretches inside of me is ‪#‎notmybody‬ (even if he is currently existing IN my body and his existence is dependent UPON my body – though less so at this point in the game) and therefore his or her right to life is ‪#‎notmychoice‬. He or she is a distinct person, a complete human being, and endowed with EXACTLY the same natural rights as you and I. The Right to Life must be understood by all as the preeminent right in our political and moral ideologies, for without *that* right, there can be no logical claim to other rights.  The idea that at any point, from the moment of conception until the moment of birth, that a fetus is anything less in terms of inherent value is a lie, a political fiction.



  1. Michael F Roach said,

    August 9, 2015 at 9:18 am

    In the early ’80s, I was a trainer for an electronic medical billing company. I had one occasion to train a pathology lab billing office in the use of computers and printers to track the procedures that were performed by the lab. I will never forget the sickening repetition of the entry that was produced on the ever growing stack of computer paper in the bottom of the printer,” PRODUCTS OF CONCEPTION” , each one representing the permanent separation of a mother and child, and that child from life.

  2. dsthorne said,

    August 10, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    your hubby should have you post more often!

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