The Right of the last Century

Some elements of the Right that have been clear for about the last century. I want to be merely descriptive – any descriptions which you read as praiseworthy or condemnatory should be re-phrased.

1.) A critique of decadence. The Right in Germany arose from a condemnation of Wiemar (Berlin, for example, had “Steet menus” that specified the sort of prostitute one could find on each corner. It included a corner for pederasts) The Right in Italy used similar rhetoric. The Right in the United States is the sole voice of moral condemnation for some parts of the Sexual Revolution.

2.) A tendency toward genetic determinism. The Right reject the Utopianism of the Left by taking pride in an eye-wide-open pessimism about the possibilities of human achievement. But placing this accent on the limits of human nature, when translated into scientific terms, will manifest itself as limits imposed by ones genes. But genetics has always been a study of the divergences within populations and not about their similarities, and so it is difficult to keep this pessimism about human achievement from developing into a political account (and inevitable hierarchy) of heritable group differences, or races.

The Right in the United States has tended to only express its pessimism of human nature in more abstract or universal terms, or express it concretely only in a condemnation of the attempts of government to bring about Utopias. But the racial element has never totally disappeared and has been testing the waters recently.

3.) A time of origins mythology. The Left has a derives meaning from the possibilities of the future while the Right draws it from an account of the past. The Mythologies (sources of meaning) of the Right in post-war Germany and Italy are well known, in the United States the Right derives meaning from the time of the American founding.

4.) Valuing virility in rulers. The Left tends to value a whiz-kid or intellectual air in their leaders while the Right tends to value the straight-shooter Alpha-male. Even the women of the Right are valued for swagger and panache more than an air of policy competence or wonkishness.

5.) Nationalism. This requires no explanation in the case of Germany or Italy. In the United States, it is frequently a critique of immigration (which coalesces well with point 2). The Left, by contrast, is either internationalist or strives for a sort of neutrality about the value of nations.

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