Navel gazing

-It divides the body into the golden ratio, and the erect posture is most distinctively human. It’s as though it marked the first division of the first line one drew when making the blueprint of the person. We are all shapes drafted around it.

-A continual reminder that we exist both in relation to persons and in our separation from them.

– The first time I felt and umbilical cord I was struck that it was perfect – any stiffer and it would kink up, any limper and it would have strangled us all.

-The belly – that paradigm organ of consumption and self-interest – is sealed by a reminder that we relate to others, and that we were dependent on them long before we even recognized we were selves.

-We had relation to a self before we were selves. The natural (all the organs, tissues, cells) comes after the personal.

-A reminder that if you had developed your personal philosophy in the first months of your existence, you might have confidently argued that you were alone in a dark universe with no other all-enveloping person outside the universe taking care of you.

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