Truth (pt. 3)

-Truth is verified most fully in two ways: the proposition-imperative and in that which is the best object of mind. For us, these are not the same thing, but if there is a highest truth it must somehow unify these two. For such a mind, the “fiat” will, also constitute an object of speculative knowledge. The fiat that makes the world (Gen. 1) is not opposed to its being a reflection of Logos (Jn 1).

-The Euthyphro dilemma reduces to this division in our understanding of the truth.

-Science is an attempt to transcend this division in our notion of truth. We seek to understand things so far as they conform to models made by us.

-Science, like all knowledge, presents us with the question whether we will see the knowledge as a replacement for God or an approach to him. The decision divided the angels before it divided us – the whole of our history is a playing out of a division that happened for them in an instant. In another sense, however, it also played out for us in an instant, which is what the Genesis myth is gesturing at.

-We have a suggestion of the way in which truth and goodness are transcended in the beautiful.

-A thing cannot be modeled unless its essence differs from its existence.

-For us, the primary division in knowledge is into the practical and speculative, i.e. into knowledge that terminates in a product or a proposition. This is a division in ratio or the account we give of an object and not the object itself: a movie is an object of practical knowledge for the producer and of speculative knowledge for the Auteur / film buff. There is no reason why the same intellect can’t relate to an object in both ways – in fact, the simplest resolution to the Euthyphro problem might be just to say this.

-We seek to unify the speculative and practical. So far as this approaches the speculative, it will be the best thing our mind can know; but so far as it approaches the practical, it will be of the lowest sorts of things our mind can know. This is because we can only model what is repeatable and therefore replaceable, but the highest goods in nature are irreplaceable, since these are the things we have the highest love for. I can’t merely love my kids or spouse as a sort of thing, or for having a list of goods that might just as well belong to another.

-Science is not of particulars, but the highest goods we desire are. This division is overcome only in the knowledge of the blessed.

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