Educating rage. Take rage seriously as a desire to destroy some evil affecting you. But what if violence is unable to pull this off? What if Zossima is right that

[A]ll these sentences to exile with hard labor, and formerly with flogging also, reform no one, and what’s more, deter hardly a single criminal, and the number of crimes does not diminish but is continually on the increase. You must admit that. Consequently the security of society is not preserved, for, although the obnoxious member is mechanically cut off and sent far away out of sight, another criminal always comes to take his place at once, and often two of them.

What is said here about state force would apply just as well to all forms of dominance: fighting, sarcasm, cutting others off from the group, backbiting, shaming by persons or the press, etc.

So rage is fulfilled only by what actually can stamp out evil from the heart. In this sense Christianity seeks not to drive out rage, but to fulfill it. This is true of all rage, whether human or divine.

Our Father as a single narrative

(The prayer is seen as a though it spoke of the Father as a light or energy bursting forth into the world, giving strength and illumination, and driving out all that is opposed to it.)

1.) Holy is your name: 

Holiness is order to the divine, and so also the divine presence in things. The name of the Father gives us the power to open a source of light, giving action and energy.

2.) Your kingdom come 

For the kingdom just is the light and energy that pours forth, whether through a society (the Church) or an individual (the heart).

3.) On Earth as it is in Heaven.

It is the very same power of the kingdom here as there, though it exists here in a process of revelation, i.e. as a mystery

4.) Give us this day

The power is fully earthly, not seeking to banish the material but to be entirely integrated to it. It is not just for “spiritual” goods but for “physical” goods – though in fact it is more of a critique of this sort of division.

5.) And forgive as we forgive

The kingdom not only dictates how we should stand to goods but to evils as well. The light first drives out darkness by making us renounce the action of darkness.

6.) Lead us not into temptation.

One can forgive and still find the evils attractive. Let even this appearance be driven out.

7.) Free us from the Evil One/ evil.

Free us not just from the attraction but even from the source of this attraction, both within us and outside of us.

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