The natural explanation, the cosmological argument, the miracle.

Mary and sinful flesh.

The mind-body problem vs. sinful flesh, glorified body, sacramental presence.

Knowledge first recognizes, i.e. sees again. Plato.

No one recognizes the completely novel, he’s just stunned. Nothing is learned.

For Catholic children, Jesus is not a story but a statue, a Medieval station of Veronica wiping his face, an absurdly large baby in manger, a saint book with Saint Sebastian and the arrows or Maria Goretti with pretty flowers, a sanctuary candle that somehow never goes out. If this is nonsense, it’s preferable to sense.

Learning is a familiarity from which we take only the novelty.

God purely knowable, a kernel without husk. Therefore unknowable.

Creation is the recognized.

Christians pray to an abstract noun. -ity.

We call it trinity and not triple because the members are not parts of a whole. Trinity, like unity and duality, is one in nature, but 3 and 1 and 2 respectively in exemplification.

The desire to refute divine impassibility is a misplaced desire to know God through Christ.

The Five Ways prove that nature exists in media res. 

Birth control, as a public policy question, is “what sort of poverty can you tolerate?”

God knows all facts, but he needs animals to sense them for himself. He needs humans to man-know. Rousselot: and so they need animals and man to exist.

God wills instruments for their modalities e.g. He does not need senses to know, but to know by their modality.

Science is a convention billed as “This is what we know!” where the admission price is “Show what you can do”.

God cannot act through non-divine modalities without creation.

Lost category of moral infection. Adam becomes incomprehensible.

Why Adam? We should have all gotten a chance! But then salvation is not a common good.

Can we make sense of the universe as divine speech without being speech to us? Eavesdropping? Radio signals we can’t decipher? So who are they to then? Alchemy.

Nietzscheanism: we could live with discovering it was false – we discovered a truth was unbelievable.

Marveling requires ignorance but is still insight.

Marveling is not debunked – there is just another insight. “You were amazed by that animal structure but it was just evolution!” Nonsense, Truths don’t displace only falsehoods.

e.g. a new truth is a shift of attention. Shifts displace.

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