Hypotheses about the relation of sovereign power and the soul

1.) If the whole of man is not above sovereign power, then he rises above a power which extends to death and deprivation. But every person has some part of himself that is beyond all political power. Therefore, every man has a part of himself rising above the power of death and deprivation.

2.) If there is a soul, then there is a part of man that need not fear the power of the sovereign. But the whole of man must fear the sovereign power; therefore man has no soul transcending nature.

3.) If man rises above the fear of death by a power inherent in himself, then he need not rely on the power of Christ to be delivered from the power of death. But man must rely on the power of Christ to be so delivered, therefore etc.

4.) (same as three, with no reference to Christ, but put simply in terms of a need to be delivered from death.)


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