The objective is a thought with an object validating or justifying or supporting it. This might work as a theory of knowledge (though it doesn’t) but it can’t at all be an account of the real. Nevertheless, the basic intuition of the real being “the supported” is right. The real is supported by an interior principle while everything else is supported extrinsically by the mind. This “everything else” includes, inter alia:

1.) Fictions

2.) Things depending on the mind to exist more broadly: logical structures, sciences, positive laws, probabilities, language. In Aristotle’s theory, mathematicals are also included here.

3.) More familiar artifacts: tools, technologies, adornments.

4.) Falsities.

5.) Privations, negations, impossibilities, and non being.

6.) Goals that are in vain

7.) Heaps and other accidental wholes.

8.) Ideal, counter factual, and hypothetical constructs.

9.) Quantitative Infinities

There is an order among all this “non-real” stuff, and a lot of work to be done in dividing and distinguishing the various things on the list.


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