Building a place for family and contemplation

***Guest post!!!

You may have noticed that there have not been any posts for the past few days. Or, at least, I hope you have noticed! That’s because my husband has been “up north” working on a new building at our family cabin.  James has often commented that the modern world offers a third way between the contemplative’s life, which heretofore has been lived away from the world precisely so that he can have the quiet and peace to be able to contemplate, and the married-family life which, with all of its demands affords little or no peace, quiet or time for contemplation.  Technology gives everyone in the industrialized world access to most of the writings of all the great thinkers; modern conveniences give most people adequate leisure time to think if they have the skills and inclination to do so.  And “up north” is the place that my husband most loves to be and to contemplate – it is spectacularly beautiful, peaceful, isolated, and yet, because of our cabin, it can be filled with all sorts of wonderful family time too.  But there is no internet (thanks be to God), so he can’t blog from up there.  Here is a glimpse of the work he has been doing though, to build us a better place for family and contemplation.

This is where construction on the future shower/tool house left off at the end of our last trip.



We (by which I mean the men) hauled in a lot of boards…




But a single day of labor by James, his dad and two brothers, yielded great returns!


This was at the end of day three. (The kids and I left on Sunday – more can get done with fewer “helpers”…)

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Don’t let her darling curls fool you… she’s a rascal, this one.



This is what it’s all about: time with the ones we love!



Cousins, learning to shoot and making memories.


We celebrated grandma’s birthday with fresh peach cobbler and caramel rolls. (That is my contribution, the food!)








Someone found her fingers!


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