The reform of Easter

The mythology of Easter – one can hardly call it an event – has been in desperate need of liberal reform for a very long time. As everyone knows, all the various narrative accounts disagree with each other, and in fact are incoherent; the various elements of the story cannot be made to hang together in any sort of literalist or fundamentalist sense; and the central figure of the story is, quite honestly, not something that anyone in our modern age can believe in.

Seriously folks: candy, eggs, ham… and a bunny? 


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  1. thenyssan said,

    April 20, 2014 at 10:46 am

    Obviously a post-industrial longing for the sweetness of fertility rites in an agrarian society, wedded to sublimated psycho-sexual fears of overpopulation and, oddly, carrots. The emergence of an ur-motif of CIGAR would unify these forces under tension and fashion a ritual modern humanity can orthoprax.


    Christ is risen, James.

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