Notes on the Eucharist

-It is “this is my body” not “this becomes my body” because nothing makes the transition from the earthly to the heavenly. The heavenly is not added to some earthly foundation.

-The Eucharist only makes sense in a cosmos that needs to be transformed. It’s materiality has no place where the reality of the material is exhausted by the mechanical.

-God is person and is absolute, and so the personhood of man is somehow contingent and/or secondary. If we find goodness in finding God we find what a person is too. In this sense our personality is decentered.

-The sacramental is a scandal to metaphysics as much as to physics.

-What would be true of place or time for there to be a Eucharist? “This is my body” said of Galilee, the cloud of ascension, the right hand of the father, the presence at Calvary.

-If it is real, I don’t even remember what I thought was true once.

-The modern doctrine of appearance vs. reality applied to Eucharist. A noumenal/phenomenal account.

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