Notes on media as myth

-It’s disturbing to recognize the news as our education about what a significant event in life is.

-That we understand news as a report of what is important when it is selected for being attention-grabbing. It wasn’t meant to be important but novel, lurid, glamorous, out of the ordinary.

-What is important in life is the same as what life is must fundamentally. It is mythos.

-There is religious commentary on news stories, but not no religious news. There are religious news outlets, but they are unable to make a story.

-Why is news so powerful? Because it is media, that is, a middle or mediator that by its nature is transparent and therefore unseen. You can’t see the window when you’re looking at something through it. To hear a news story requires submerging the reality of the teller into the subconscious. Repeated often enough, this makes the newscaster our nature. He becomes the principle and cause of what is seen as significant in life within us.

–To critique a myth requires that we be already disenchanted with it, and so that it ceases to be our myth. This doesn’t mean we can’t critique the myths we believe at all, only that we have to toggle back and forth between myth and something else to do it.

-Socrates to Euthyphro: “that is why I am being brought to trial- I find it impossible to believe such stories as these about the gods”.


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  1. tjkozinski said,

    September 7, 2013 at 11:06 am

    This is excellent! Thanks so much. Marshal McLuhan would be proud.

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