220 years on, (pt. II)

Sutherland points out that the accounts of the death of Louis XVI and even the contemporary paintings sanitize it, probably because they are unable to understand what really happened. In actual fact, after beheading the king the executioner began throwing his blood from the scaffolding on the crowd, and the crowd itself rushed the scaffolding to dip handkerchiefs in the blood of the king.  This was a Catholic culture and crowd, and any Catholic can see what they are doing: making a sacramental covenant. The goal (as always) was that the covenant be written on the heart, and to the extent that we believe no man is a king (or that “all men are created equal”), the goal was achieved. Americans achieved this same thing without Kangaroo courts, sacramental symbolism, or a reign of terror, but the thing written on the heart is the same.

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