an anthropology

An intellect must transcend what it knows, and so be ontologically superior to it (in the Kantian sense of “transcends”)

The declension of intellects terminates, which requires subintellectual being as such.

The material universe exists so that the lowest intellect has something to know as a proper object.

The subintellectual realm, though known by the lowest intellects, must still be known by a means appropriate to it, and so is known somehow by sensation.

Sensation must arise in a way appropriate to a subintellectual realm, and so by chance, random selection, and in ways with no essential or intrinsic connection to intellect. Providence itself must work within mere narratio or the chance of history.

Sensation is not merely the proximate organs of vision, but the nerve endings, brain, etc.

The brain at once allows for thought and is utterly outside of it, just as the subintellectual exists only to make a sort of thought possible and yet is the only thing existing outside of intellect.

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