The subject

Motion or change is simultaneously attaining something new and an action something is responsible for. In the first sense, something empty receives, in the second sense something full goes outside of itself like an overflowing cup. Both things are the subject, or the subject is both.

Motion is like a currency conversion from one of account to another one. Assume there is a dollar account and a Swiss Franc account (and that the currencies are 1:1) one account has 10 dollars, another has no Franks. Can I buy something that costs 10 Francs?

The same duality repeats itself in our ideas of cause, responsibility, desire, love, reasoning, time, creation.

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  1. Kristor said,

    June 23, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    When a man throws a spear, he is the agent of the throw, but also ipso facto makes himself the man who is throwing the spear. The action of the throw is the changed condition of the change in his condition from the man who has not thrown to the man who is throwing. In throwing, he places himself under the throw; the throw conditions him. He is the subject of the throw.

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