Being like unto God

For St. Thomas, love is the principle of every action (Divine Names IV l. 9; ST I. 20. 1 co.) This presupposes some point of nexus or agreement between the one desiring and the desired thing, and so presupposes the unity of things somehow diverse, that is, of similitude. This opens up new vistas of possibility for the revelation of Genesis that man is the image and likeness of God. If likeness or similitude is the basis of love, then our likeness to God is that foundation in our nature that allows us to love him. Thus, our existential or phenomenological experience of our likeness to God manifests itself in and through our dissatisfaction with the finite, or ontologically in the very contradiction we find in being satisfied in the finite as finite. The love of God is therefore a testimony to the possibility of metaphysics, for this love presupposes something divine in the human person by way of similitude.

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  1. bill bradl said,

    December 19, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    i like to keep my comments short. love is not the 1st principal of operation,,every agent acts for a good,the good is the end that the agent desired. Our foundation for love of god is our similtude to him! Pray tell,how is the finite human similar to the infinite god…bit of a gap there doncha think.The only link there is god exists,,,,man exists..thats it . We know nothing of the almighty,,,so much for nexus…..bill bradl

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