The difference between scholastic and modern theology

The main transition from scholastic to modern theology (which took a few centuries) was the shift from speculative philosophy to history as the field in which one encounters God. The scholastic did not need elaborate, critical, and highly advanced systems of historical analysis in order to do what he understood as theology; just as a modern theologian does not need elaborate logical and disputative systems to do what he understands as theology. All the benefits/ maddening idiosyncrasies/ controversies/ that one raises to the scholastic method will have a perfect parallel in the modern method of theology. You think that the theologians have a really amazing grasp of divine things? (it was said of both) You think that theologians get bogged down in meaningless controversies that draw one away from the faith? (ditto) Think that you can’t see any relation between what the theologian sees as the faith and what the faithful person sees as the faith? (ditto).

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