Evidence for God

The word “evidence” seems most of all to speak to that item that one points to which proves their case. It is strange to speak of the evidence for the existence of God, since the item one points to (at least for St. Thomas) is an existent thing, a moving thing, something causing or contingent or better than another, etc.

What is your evidence?!?!! Imagine the reaction if you simply waved your hand back and forth, then pointed to it and said “this”. But that is in fact the evidence we introduce as proof. The evidence, we might say, is a banal thing, but the aspect under which we see the thing (its nature as from another) is a very difficult thing to see.

We might pretend that the word “evidence” means simply “argument” except it simply doesn’t. Evidence is more restrictive than “proof”. There are striking proofs for God, but the evidence is everyday things.

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