notes on c-p ecumenism (part II is now posted above)

1.) Catholic- Protestant ecumenism is like a very odd dinner party where everyone sits around saying polite and edifying things while waiting for the other guest to die.

2.) Whoever dies first will not be remembered well: we are pleasant to each other now but as soon as the other dies he will be ranked with the Arians, Donatists, Nestorians, Manichees..etc. Just another heresy that flourished for its season before it went the way of all flesh. Who has sympathy with the Arians, even though their Scriptural case is forceful enough to convince 90% of Christians, if it were only presented well? Who reaches out trying to understand the Donatists, even though they had Established Christian communities with buildings, and art, and services?

3.) A mystic or holy and pious person says “all is God’s work, none is my own”. Read as a mystical statement, it is perfectly correct. The theologian comes in and says “Ah ha! An affirmation of my doctrine concerning unchangeable predestination of God!” Well, no. The pious person didn’t mean to speak in a way that could clarify a theological doctrine. The theologian or law scholar seeks to express of a clear matter and so speaks in such a way as to convey clarity, the mystic is trying to convey an experience which is less clear and so he speaks in such a way as to convey its lack of clarity.

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