Four Loves, One Logos

The book “the Four Loves” points out well that the four Greek terms for love have the perfection of clarity (in the sense of distinctness), but the English term “love” has the perfection of richness. We might see this richness more clearly by looking at a case in which English has seven or eight terms for what Greek has only one word for, as happens with the Greek word “logos”. It is true that when one uses the word logos he can only use it one meaning at a time, but it takes a very blunt soul not to appreciate all of the overtones the word has. English might have more words for “logos” like definition, word, speech, formula, account, reason, and Second Person of the Trinity. One would suppose these many terms give more clarity in the sense of distinctness to what Greek has one word for.  This is not the case. It is hard not to lose clarity when one translates “logos”. There is usually the sense that one is leaving something out- because we usually do leave something out  

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