Evils as ordered to virtue

Eliminate evil and you eliminate courage, patience, manliness, heroism, and certainly martyrdom. I do not say this so much to prove that evil was necessary, but to indicate that the evils exist for the sake of virtue, and are ordered to it.

When we see most people suffer evils, we feel their life is less valuable than ours; but when we see evils as borne by Socrates, The Little Flower, or Christ himself, we recognize that our life is less valuable than theirs- we know that we should strive to be like them.

Those afflicted by evil seem to form the bookends of human value: those who suffer in bitterness and apart from virtue are universally pitied, so much so that people frequently feel that they would be doing them a favor by murdering them; but those who suffer with greatness of soul are universally respected and beloved- for it seems that no matter how vicious a people get they still respect a person with the courage to suffer for his beloved.

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