Notes on things understood as subsistent accidents.

-The human soul can only be defined with the human body, and in this sense its mode of definition is like the mode of defining an accident. At the same time, the soul is not only subsistent, but the very source of the subsistence and existence of the body so long as it is unified to it.

-The central reality or dogma that one has to explain about the Blessed Sacrament is why when one points to it, he is pointing to God: This is my body. The technical term “transubstantiation” was coined to articulate the sort of change that could give rise to this reality. This leaves accidents remaining as sensible signs, and yet subsisting, properly speaking, in no substance.

-The central mystery of the Holy Trinity is one God in three divine persons. St. Thomas distinguishes these three persons as subsistent real relations. In our understanding, real relations are accidents of a substance.

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