Angels and the new cosmology

Aristotle proves the immateriality of the first mover like so:

1.) Some motion has been occuring for an infinite time.
2.) It requires an infinite power to move something in an infinite time.
3.) No infinite power can exist in a magnitude.

St. Thomas shows that Aritotle’s argument for #1 is circular, and yet he still assent to the conclusion, for he claims the same conclusion can be reached not only from the eternity of some motion, but also from the uniformity of any motion (#3 is true also, but I pass over the proof here). Any motion that is by nature uniform (continuing evenly with the parts before it, and only slowing down per accidens) is by nature without terms and therefore infinite. The similarity with inertial motion is difficult to miss. The difference is that on the old cosmology, only the planets and stars were being moved by separated substances joined to an infinite power. On our new cosmology of Newton and Einstein, Seprated substances are joined to anything moving on earth, for all motion rests on local motion, and all local motion rests on inertial motion.

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