Two Notes on the Trinity

-The Trinity, in a word: real relations in the divine nature.

Proof: relations follow upon processions, and processions are given by Scipture.

As relations in the divine nature: they are present in the mode all is present in the divine nature, absolutely unified and subsistent (even if they are accidents for us, just as wisdom and mercy are).

As real relations in the divine nature: they denote real distinction.

As real relations in God they are subsistent relations, and are called persons.

-As each nature becomes more actual in the cosmos, it becomes more communicative. Here let “communicative” mean “self expressive”. Among the lowest things, rocks, minerals, etc. there seems to be no self to express at all. Among the lowest living things, self makes a first faint appearance: we know at least that plants heal themselves, etc. Among the animals, greater development coincides with a fuller communication: a more human looking range of emotions and signals and even sounds that signify their interior life. Among men, there is the fullest communication and self expression- no other animal can compare to the one that speaks.

At the same time, the emergence of self is the emergence of the incommunicable, for self as such is what is most incommunicable in nature, having the greatest unity and interior activity. And so we get an axiom both paradoxical and obvious: the more incommunicable a nature becomes, the more it becomes a principle of communication.

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