The logos, or something said

The significance of our saying something is easy to miss. Notice the deep mystery in the commonplace of saying one thing of many. This one cannot be understood like anything in the world: it cannot be a picture, for no picture is said of many. It cannot even be any particular thing, for no particular thing is said of many, and the universal is contrary to the particular. We can use symbols- Venn diagrams, say- to represent the one thing said of many, but no one could be naive enough to think that these are what universals are: universals are not circles. The minute we try to account for what universals are, all the symbols, pictures and physical things need to be viewed in a different way. All things existing in a merely sensible or imaginable mode need to go dark, and we need to see what is revealed about ourselves through our saying one thing of many.


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  1. Robert Light said,

    December 19, 2006 at 11:52 am


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