Motion as a fundamental trait.

If we understand motion to be anything that can be described as going from something to something, or turning from something to something, then motion appaers to be the most distinctive and essential trait of all the things we see around us: it is at least as distinctive as extension or mass, and perhaps even more so.

Motion in the sense of going or turning is over all: it is involved in every generation and decay and every going from one state or form to another. Everything that seems to rest on earth in truth moves with it, and the sun along with the galaxy, and time is over all and in all (modern advancements have shown that almost anything is a sort of clock: quartz crystals, the decay of carbon atoms, the rings of trees, ice in the arctic). The first physical principle of all things has always been held to be some mobile thing, even to this day, when we call it energy (a source of motion by definition- but is it clearly a mass or a volume?)

For those who would seek to know what the world is, the place to begin would be in seeking to find out what motion is. How, for example, is motion possible? What principles are necessary to account for motion?

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