-Again, if some scientific claim were to truly to make us unhappy, it would be false: science itself only exists as a human act, and all human acts are for the sake of happiness. Happiness is prior in causality to scientific truth- for science to cause unhappiness impossible.

-Said another way, it is impossible to find that human life is purposeless or without meaning. There is already purpose and meaning before we start looking.

– Science is intrinsically limited, because it is a human activity. It is not free to contradict the last end of man.

– A devotee of metrical science boasts “Nothing has been found outside of the laws of physics”. Really? A breathtakingly obvious fallacy. There are no fish in the ocean smaller than the net- holes, either. Good grief, as if the subject matter of physics were being itself! Only being has nothing outside of itself.

-As one of my old teachers pointed out about Kant, it gets a little tiresome to read page after page of non- empirical arguments for the impossiblity of transcending the empirical.

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