The vanity of man. No sooner do we imagine supernatural help then we imagine ourselves entitled to it. Even worse; we will not admit God exists unless he gives us supernatural help.

“But there is so much evil everywhere, this universe is broken, isn’t God love, goodness…” Let this be: it is all beside the point. Let all nature be one vile cesspool of cruel indifference (it isn’t). What claim do I have, as a natural being, to a good that is greater than nature? It’s obvious that I can’t invoke a political right, or a familial right to supernatural help; but it’s even more obvious that I cannot invoke a natural right to something beyond nature.

There is a sense in which the argument from evil is very true: for if it were true that we could invoke some claim to God’s help, then God would not be supernatural: but such a being- a non supernatural God- is a contradiction. Again, if we pay careful attention to the argument from evil, it demonstrates that a God who would be wrong to help us does not exist. The conclusion is correct: there is no such being.

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