For creation awaits with eager expectation the revelation of the children of God;

Man by nature hopes for what Christianity alone provides: for man by nature seeks union with the divine life, for

1.) God moves all, but does not himself move. But the only thing that moves without itself moving is the desirable. And so As all motion finds its source in God, so does all desire.

2.) Man’s knowing power contains all within its grasp of being, without exception. But man’s intellect cannot by its own power cannot rise above what it considers in sensible things. For this reason, its knowledge of immaterial thing sis imperfect, and known as imperfect. Therefore for a man to seek perfection means hoping for assistance from a higher intellect.

3.) Further, the higher intellect that assists man is either God himself, or some subsistent intelligence. If it is some subsistent intelligence, then both man and the subsistent intelligence will seek to be moved ultimately by God himself.

4.) The same thing can be proved by appealing to man’s loves of what is good and beautiful, which are the object of his will.

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