Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God,
Through Your power and your majesty,
You delivered us from the hands of wicked men-
Even from men whose killing fires burned
For years on end, and did not cease to burn.

Lord, let every heart be grieved when it remembers
What we did with the freedom you entrusted us.
For we offered, and are offering even now
Our children to the idols of Canaan.

Your wrath is heavy upon us Lord, your wrath is heavy-
For you have divided our tongues;
And now every scholar and every man
Speaks in his own language.
Neither does any man understand another.

Your living word has left us, Lord-
And in its place we stuff our inky paper.
The lamp within our eyes has been snuffed out.
The furnace in our chest is cold and black.

Do not grant us what we truly deserve.
We hate you, Lord. Have mercy on us.
We have murdered all your Prophets. Send us more.
We have butchered your children. Make us innocent again.
We have held your truth beneath us. Speak it again.

Blessed is he who is not scandalized in the Lord
For as high as his throne is above the earth,
So also is his mercy.

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