Verification and Evidence- UPDATED

Verification and evidence are essential but cannot give us principles, for a principle is known first, and evidence must be known before the thing proven. We can qualify what we mean here, but we can’t qualify ourselves out of this: everything we know is based on something known in itself.

What is known first is in the soul alone. Without this internal word we cannot affirm or deny wisdom. Verbal articulation of the principle in the soul is essential but not sufficient. What does it matter if we say the principle of contradiction to a five-year-old, a tree, or certain contemporary philosophers, or even if they say it themselves? To have the words is not to have the interior word. We cannot make the interior word in another by our power alone, just as a doctor can’t make someone be healthy by his power alone. The doctor can provide conditions under which injuries can heal, but the healing must be done from a principle within. The patient must heal himself by voluntary co-operation and co-operation though his nature.

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