Cognitive studies.

I’ve had to read a good deal of cognitive psychology and philosophy of mind. I have yet to see a single theory start with (or even get to) the proper object of human thought- the whatness of material things, i.e. being known in matter. The formal object of the mind- being- is also never spoken of.

Without a consideration of the mind’s proper object- which is eternal and imperishable, the study of the mind cannot give us knowledge of our full dignity as an immortal being, likewise immortal and imperishable. If Cog. Psy. and consciousness studies are taken to give the the fundamental account of mind and consciousness, they will degrade human life though sophistries about how man’s thought ceases at death.

I am aware that there is a school of thought called “substance dualism” that asserts that mind is a non-physical reality. But insistence on non- physical reality in human life is not sufficient. Without a consideration of the formal object of the mind- being, we are not able to distinguish our sensitive knowledge from our intellectual knowledge. Intentionality will not do it. Animals have intentionality too- their sensations are certainly about something.

There is a possibility of establishing immortality by an argument taken from outside the science of mind, by using an argument given by many thinkers, most famously Kant:

A morality demands eternal life.
Morality exists.

This argument can only go so far, though, since the root of human morality is the definition of man, and the definition of man is rooted in his being the spiritual form of a living natural body with tools.

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