A reasonable Inference

If we consider natural causes, species are uncaused, for they evolved by chance.

Therefore, species are directly created by God, since they do not get their order from nature.

-People used to insist that God was not necessary to create life, because life came to be from non- living matter (flies from garbage, etc.) Now they insist that God is not necessary, because living things come to be from other living things. People used to insist that if we proved that the universe was not infinite in time, then it had to be created. Then we proved it was not infinite in time, and people forgot that claim.

Sooner or later you figure we would have figured out that there is no substitute for doing Philosophy.

-The fifth way is often treated as an emotional appeal: “Things are just so ordered and beautiful, there must be a God…” This is to treat the fifth way as though it were the weakest kind of argument. In Fact, the fifth way would work just fine if the only thing in the universe we a leprous pederast sitting on a dung-hill.

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