Satire Draft

What if one leveled the same arguments that philosophy has to deal with against, say, Chemistry?

1.) Chemistry, during the time of Dalton and Lavossier, was free and unfettered. But in the times after that, chemistry hardened into dogmatism. Students were forced to memorize the names of the elements; they were taught outdated models of thinking about “atoms as little balls”; students had to learn the ways of balancing chemical equations by rote; anyone who doubted the canonical status of anything in the popular theory was marginalized…

2.) We really should read the writings of the 13th century chemists- there’s a lot of good things that we can learn from Madrigon of Chalon, and Rodger of Oxford. Both of them showed some things about the relative densities of things, which is the grounding of modern chemistry. And besides, even if we disagree with what they are saying, we need to know how to respond to people who believe the sorts of arguments they give.

3.) Chemistry is more about the questions we ask about matter. Why should we be killing the spirit of questioning about matter?

4.) Why Should chemistry study matter? There are many other ways of understanding chemistry.

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