Error is more common among

Error is more common among animals than truth. This is shown by our instinctive urge to make wild inductions on the basis of almost no evidence: we eat one bad burger at one restaurant once, and we assume the whole chain is dirty; we see one news report about one thing, and we immediately feel like there might be a “crisis” (the news, in fact, counts on this instinctive desire to make improbable inductions as a rule- hence the “lead story format” that is common to all media.) Give a man two examples, any two hard cases, and you can convince him that there is a crisis over anything.

It is the desire to escape this that leads man alternately to seek after a more systematic knowledge of things. Concerning contingent things to be dome, he seeks prudence, by trying to model himself after the prudent men he sees; and concerning necessary things, he seeks science by discipleship to a reliable teacher.

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