Free choice connotes a certain

Free choice connotes a certain imperfection. In our own life, we only have free choice between two options that are proposed to us by a fallible power (we cannot choose whether we want beatitude, and so only to the extent that we see beatitude unclearly that we can be able to choose something other than it). In God’s life, there is only freedom of choice in relation to creatures, which can be or not be (although these creatures need not be in act- God still has free choice with respect to creatures virtually conceived in his own intellect- otherwise creatures would proceed from God in the same way that the divine persons, or Gods own willing of his goodness proceeds.)

Choice, in other words, though it is a perfection in an agent, still connotes a relation to contingency. God relates to contingency as its cause, but man relates to contingency though the actual weakness of his intellect, and through his subjection to a necessarily contingent world.

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