Objections to Sertillanges1.) All things

Objections to Sertillanges

1.) All things are composed of matter and form
We know through the possession of only the form of another
We do not know the thing, but only a part of it.

We know the form separate without reference to matter or the composite, I deny
We know the form in necessary reference to the matter and composite in natural things, I concede

What is known differs from that by which the thing is known.

2.) Two things become one only by the formal destruction of both.
knowledge does not destroy either the thing nor the idea
Knowledge is not the possession of the form of another.

Two things that become one in substance destroy one another, I concede
Two things that become one in act, I deny

The union-knowledge- is a perfection of the knower, and so the union is not a union causing substantial change, but the accidental change of added perfection.

or again,

Two things that become one which both are the act of a material composite, I concede
Two things, one of which is not the act of some material composite, I deny.

Material union is not sufficient to account for the perfection of knowledge. Sensation is different from eating, and the object of the intellect is not able to become other- making it by definition immaterial.


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