Jottings-The thing I know, as


-The thing I know, as known, and my act of knowing are the same. The thing as known is immaterial, because as known it does not and cannot change.

– Matter/material cannot be understood apart from what exists to become something, and as such is undetermined. But all knowledge is of a determined thing- so much so that it cannot change, as known.

– Apologetics and polemics are necessary starts to any philosophical life, but if they don’t lead to contemplation, they will lead to burnout. The point is to do this activity simply for its own sake.

-The human mind comes to its deepest awareness of a truth when it has to defend a truth against attack. This requires that the human mind hold some truth as worthy of defense, even though it is not fully understood why it is defensible. Hence, discipleship is necessary to come to the deepest awareness of truth.

-think of a word, then try to define it as well as the dictionary does. Try “green”. I failed utterly.

-Read a thing like you wrote it. Imagine yourself saying it. People don’t do this enough.

-Augustine distinguishes between the superior and inferior intellect. The first looks to eternal things and seeks to be counseled by them. The inferior looks to temporal things.

-St. Thomas quotes Augustine favorably often. Augustinians quote Aristotle favorably rarely or never. Ditto for the Plato/ platonists.

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