More thoughts on the two

More thoughts on the two kinds of new things learned.

-When we appreciate that knowledge involves coming to a deeper understanding of what is already known, it becomes evident how the arts are causes of learning. Art can become a substitute for experience- we can learn from Raskalnikov or Hamlet without having to live like either of them.

-The Greeks called anyone who was very skilled “wise”, which makes sense when one thinks about how a skilled person understands their craft “from the inside”. A skilled person is skilled not because he has a set of propositions that could be memorized by anyone, but because a skill is alive in him.

-Latin understands the second kind of knowledge, i.e. wisdom, in relation to the sense of taste: sapiens “a wise man” is from sapere “to taste”. This is a beautiful way to understand wisdom, for taste discerns the goodness of those things that are to become a part of our being. This is to see wisdom as a more intimate knowledge than knowledge understood in relation to vision.

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