Teresa of AvilaSt. Teresa, a

Teresa of Avila

St. Teresa, a Doctor of the Church, saw one one of the greatest lights in the spiritual life as a good confessor. Her particular confessor was Domingo Banez, a man who claimed his theology did not differ “by so much as a finger-nail’s breadth” from the teaching of Thomas Aquinas. Banez, in fact, has claim to being the conduit of St. Thomas’ thought to the modern world. He was not simply an orthodox thomist, but an historic one.

Which makes this work one of the many faces of orthodox thomism. My suspicion is that one can gauge the strength of their spiritual life by how much of this book they agree with (‘agree’ taken in the broad sense. We can agree with a man, and food can agree with us.)

Also, from the same site, one can get the works of another, more straightforewardly Thomist mystic, John of the Cross.

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