Jottings on the same topic

1.) The submission to the object is the most necessary and defining character of wisdom: see John 7:18

2.) sponsa entis anima.

(the soul is the bride of being)

4.) The object, formally, is something man receives from the world. In this respect, its opposite is art, which man creates in the world. When men reject submission to the object, they can do no other than turn to art. But by their very turning against the object, they will distort the very art that they fall into. Art will become revolutionary, since it will not desire to be measured by any kind of object, even one of art. One kind of art will define itself by smashing the art that came before it, and that art will get smashed by another art coming after it, that defines itself by smashing its art. We must be either contemplatives or revolutionaries.

5.) The goal of sophistry is to shock

Clement of Alexandria

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