God as Pure Act, Part

God as Pure Act, Part III

Three related meanings of “an act” in English, and the first principle needed to explain what pure act is, and whether it exists.

In English, the noun “act” relates to completion or being done. This happens either because an act is complete, or it is completing. Some acts are complete, either because some process was concluded (an act of congress) or because the process is complete in itself (like seeing or thinking or loving). Some acts are completing, like the act of building or maturing or running a circular track.

Acts which are completing can be called “incomplete acts” and they all involve changing. Whenever the particular incomplete act is complete, the changing must stop. For example, nothing can keep building what has been built, nor can something mature keep maturing. To be more exact, the incomplete act involves changing because the incomplete act simply is a process of changing.

So an incomplete act is changing. This is the first principle we need to understand to understand about act in order to understand God as pure act.

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