Imagination An Intellect: a note

Imagination An Intellect: a note seeking an article

Much of what gets called philosophy resolves to the imagination, and goes no further. The knowledge is not properly of intellect, but of sense. Some examples:

1.) The account of universals as classes or collections.
2.) The attempt to account for knowledge as a mode of consciousness (consciousness is a kind of sense knowledge).
3.) Calling consciousness “the sum of mental states”.
4.) The belief that the greatest goods are material goods.
5.) The denial of substance, causality, and the things which relate necessarily to these.
7.) The preference of history over nature (history is properly in memory).
8.) In general, the denial of metaphysics.


The sense in which intellect more manifests what things are. How is intellect more like things? Why is it that an immaterial mode more manifests what a material thing is?

Idea: A thing is its nature. nature is neither particular or universal…


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