The mind can make collections,

The mind can make collections, and then make an artifact to represent that collection. This is to make a symbol.
Or the mind can notice what something is (this thing noticed will belong as much to the individual as to the collection of them) and express what it is. This is to use a word.

A symbol represents a particular always, regardless of how many particulars are spoken of. At best it speaks of any particular.
The word can precind from the particularity of the symbol.

A symbol can pertain only to a class,
a word can pertain to a species, or a genus.

Symbols can be meaningfully instantiated apart from thought- an abacus does as much.
Words cannot properly be so- for words are primarily things spoken.

Symbolic logic is a logic of particular things (for every x, if x is H then… this is a mere collection)
no study of particulars is open to what is.


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