Note on Genus and the

Note on Genus and the Thing That is the Genus

Our mind moves from the confused whole to the more distinct and more particular part. Nevertheless, the more general and confused understandings are present in the more particular, not as accident in a substance (although they cannot exist apart) nor simply as an intentional entity, existing only in the mind. “Genus” as such or anything called “genus” as so called, is not “in” an individual, for genus exists only in relation to a less general class which it virually contains (in other words, we cannot determine whether “animal”, for example, is a genus. in relation to “rational animal” it is, in relation to “corporeal substance” it isn’t.)

But though genus is an intentional being, “animal” does correspond to something in, say, koko, fido, and Lincoln. The ability they have to sense isn’t something that comes to be with our thought. Our sensing does not cause their sense organs. For that matter, our sensing or knowing doesn’t cause our own sense organs either.

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