Argument Sketches: Architectonic Syllogisms(note to

Argument Sketches: Architectonic Syllogisms

(note to self: Get the argument, then the details)

Thesis: Political rights require God

Political rights exist
God is the cause of existence

Political rights reduce to the natural law
The natural law is a participation in the mind of God

Political rights are founded in the nature of man
Nature is a divine logos.

Any human action, political or not, can be judged by an order that transcends human action
All order proceeds from intelligence

Political rights are ordered to the enjoyment of an imperfect good
Every imperfect good is measured by the highest good, and God is the highest good.

If political order were the highest authority, than there could be no authoritative judgment of a depraved regimes.
It would be unfitting if there were no authoritative judgment of depraved regimes.


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