On Beatitude I: That Ultimate

On Beatitude I: That Ultimate Happiness is not in This Life*
SCG, Book III, chap 48, in summary syllogistic form.

(read the text in Latin
or English)

2.) Happiness terminates desire.
Knowledge in this life increases desire.

3.) Happiness requires that a good can be held stably.
No good in this life can be held stably

4.) It is fitting that the time of possessing perfections exceed the time of attaining perfections.
Perfection takes most of this life to attain.

5.) Happiness is a perfect good.
The perfect good has no mixture of evil.
All in this life has some mixture of evil.

6.) Death causes sorrow.
All men die.

7.) Happiness is second act.
In this life, second act is not always.

8.) The greater the good, the greater sorrow to loose.
If happiness were perfect in this life, we would loose it at least in death.

*the next twenty-four posts will relate to beatitude/ happiness


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